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Glass Shield

A 4 or 6 Mil. thick anti-graffiti abatement and obscuring film to be a clear, undetectable, sacrificial coating on glass.

Metal Shield

A 6.5 Mil thick anti-graffiti abatement & obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original.

Graffiti Shield

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products.


German Graffiti Artist Killed by Train – 9/29/14

The body of one of Germany’s most prolific graffiti artists was found on the tracks after being hit by a Hamburg subway. Nearby, a freshly painted tag was found. Known as Oz, the man has been around since the early 90′s and has sprayed more that 120,000 across Germany. His tags are considered vandalism and […]

Train Surfer Killed While Tagging – 9/26/14

Queensland Police say that a man has died after train surfing on the Queensland Rail. The man was shown via CCTV footage to be surfing trains and tagging them. The man fell off the train and died. Trains services were stopped for a few hours while an investigation took place. The police want to remind […]

Graffiti Fines Dropped – 9/25/14

In Spain a council has written off a fine that was imposed on 6 young adults for vandalizing property with graffiti. The suspects were originally sentenced to pay €20,000 in fines, but it’s now been dropped. In exchange for dropping the fine, the suspects will remove over 300 tags around the town they were vandalizing. […]