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Glass Shield

A 4 or 6 Mil. thick anti-graffiti abatement and obscuring film to be a clear, undetectable, sacrificial coating on glass.

Metal Shield

A 6.5 Mil thick anti-graffiti abatement & obscuring film to be applied on existing metal surfaces to replicate the original.

Graffiti Shield

Advancing technology allowed not only just Glass Shield and Metal Shield to be born, but also the ability to make custom products.


Graffiti Gallery – 9/22/14

The Princeton Photography Club is hoping to give the community the ability to see graffiti up close and admire it’s art form in a new gallery. Instead of simply seeing graffiti as you drive by it, viewers have the chance to study all it’s components and read the story that it tells. They hope to […]

New Graffiti Ordinance Shows Decrease in Graffiti – 9/19/14

A 90 day education period in Burlington, NC for it’s new graffiti ordinance has ended, and now the abatement process begins. Under the new ordinance, residents have 10 days to clean up graffiti on their property before being issued a fine. After that the city will contract someone to clean it up for them at […]

Graffiti Focus Week in Hart – 9/18/14

Graffiti Focus Week runs next Monday through Friday in Hart and will be focusing of getting rid of target graffiti. Twice a year the city has a week dedicated to cleaning up the graffiti voted on by the community. While the nominated graffiti is removed, officials go around schools to educate children on the negative […]