Acrylic Sneeze Shield

Add a free-standing Acrylic Sneeze Shield to your corporate, education or healthcare counters to help with social distancing.

Many businesses such as gas stations, schools, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and small businesses have areas where communication between employees and customers or students take place.

Protect your employees and your customers or students by using a washable Acrylic Sneeze Shield that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing.

Acrylic Sneeze Shield Sell Sheet

Cleaning Acrylic

Acrylic can be damaged by harsh solvents and common household cleaners. Use a commercial plastic cleaner or mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris. When applying cleaner, use a non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won’t scratch the surface. For tough grease, oil, or tar residue, use commercial grade hexane or kerosene. All solvents need to be wiped clean with fresh water and blotted dry to reduce and prevent water spotting.

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