Brushed Gold Metal Shield at Harrah’s Casino

Brushed Gold Metal Shield at Harrah’s Casino

Exciting News from Harrah’s Casino in San Diego County!

Today, our dedicated team is hard at work transforming the elevators at Harrah’s Casino. We’re thrilled to announce the installation of our remarkable Brushed Gold Metal Shield, bringing a touch of elegance and protection.

Over time, the elevators have suffered wear and tear from constant use, resulting in scuffs and unsightly tagging in some areas. But fret not! Our skilled technicians are here to showcase their expertise. Witness as they meticulously replace and install Graffiti Shield’s revolutionary Brushed Gold Metal Shield, elevating the elevator surfaces to a like-new condition. The transformation is simply astounding!

What makes our Brushed Gold Metal Shield truly exceptional? It’s a cutting-edge, 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film that seamlessly adheres to existing metal surfaces, flawlessly restoring their original pristine appearance. Using our proprietary adhesive, the shield provides unparalleled protection against future damage while deterring any attempts of removal by the general public. It’s a win-win situation!

Join us on this incredible journey and witness the stunning before-and-after difference our product creates. Stay tuned as we unveil the captivating visual spectacle that will leave you amazed. Prepare to be dazzled by the brilliance of our Brushed Gold Metal Shield!

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Brushed Gold Metal Shield



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