Surface Protection within Restrooms

Surface Protection within Restrooms

Commercial and public restrooms are often used by many people/customers throughout the day. Since they are used so frequently there is a high probability of vandalism caused by graffiti damage to the many items within the commercial restroom. This vandalism can lead to extensive damages and costly maintenance expense. When customers utilize a restroom that […]

Privacy with Branding in Mind

Whether you want privacy for an office, interior office space and or storefront windows, we can offer several different options for a look of understated privacy without the harsh look of plain blacked out glass. Why not have your need for privacy become an area for advertising, company branding, or aesthetic design appeal. Adding a […]

Anti-Graffiti Protection Within Budget

Do you have an issue with graffiti and vandalism to your gas pumps, transit windows, commercial mirrors, and or high traffic areas? Protecting a surface from graffiti is not always within your budget. Graffiti Shield’s Glass Shield Multi-Layer anti-graffiti film is the perfect solution to not only protect your surface but also remain cost-effective. Glass […]

Anti-Microbial Film Protection

With the high priority to keep a sanitized bus and train in operation throughout the day, having an extra layer of protection from bacteria and germs is of equal importance.  Anti-Microbial film can help protect frequently touched areas from bacteria and germs both inside and outside of a bus or train. A 2mil thick clear […]

Producing Protective Face Shields

(Los Angeles, California, March 30, 2020) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California started producing Protective Face Shields to help with the PPE shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Graffiti Shield who is best known for manufacturing anti-graffiti films for surfaces such as metal, glass, and mirror were called upon by a large hospital in […]

TriMet Awards Graffiti Shield Inc. 5 Year Contract

(Anaheim, California, September 5, 2019) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California has been awarded the Multi-Layer Vandal Shield Window Film for TriMet’s Revenue Service Bus Fleet. TriMet, also known as the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, operates mass transit buses, light rail, and commuter rail in a region that covers most of the […]

Emerging Technology Combats Vandalism

Vandalism has become an epidemic not only throughout the United States but in the world. Keeping a watchful eye on an elevator, windows, and most flat surfaces to prevent vandalism is almost impossible. The next best solution is to help prevent permanent damage to the surfaces while providing a safe and clean environment for your […]

Restroom Vandalism

Have you gone into a restroom and wanted to turn around and not use it? It’s becoming more and more common for this type of reaction. Let’s face it, keeping up on restroom cleanliness and combating vandalism is a challenge to say the least. The most damaged and hardest to keep up are public restrooms […]

Awarded MTA Glass Contract

Graffiti Shield Inc of Anaheim, CA Awarded Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority MTA Glass Contract (Los Angeles, California, June 1, 2019) Graffiti Shield Inc, located in Anaheim, California has been awarded the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) glass contract. The multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract is set to begin on June 1st, 2019 and will consist […]