Architect Resources

Graffiti-Shield Inc. is committed to supplying architects and designers with the most up-to-date information about our graffiti-abatement and surface protection products and services. We offer CSI specifications and other helpful testing information through electronic download or our printed Architect Spec Binder; all of which can be requested here.

Graffiti-Shield is also a registered AIA/CES provider which covers HSW and Sustainability. If you’d like to request a Lunch & Learn presentation on surface renovation and/or graffiti abatement products and services, please fill out the form below.


Please provide your name and email address below and we’ll give you access to the Architect Spec Book.

LEED Information

Graffiti Shields products use less embodied energy to produce than the substrates it was created to cover. This helps our environment and lowers overall costs of replacement and repair.

Review the LEED White Paper links to learn more on how Graffiti Shields products can gain valuable LEED credits for your project.

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