Metal Shield installation at the Mariachi Station

Metal Shield installation at the Mariachi Station

We are at the Mariachi Station installing our Stainless Steel Metal Shield!

Now, our dedicated technicians are on a mission to combat vandalism and preserve the beauty of the Mariachi Station in East Los Angeles! Watch as we work our magic on stainless steel surfaces, banishing graffiti and vandalism.

Trains, elevators, stairways, and escalators have all felt the wrath of vandals. Our Stainless Steel Metal Shield is here to save the day. We’re putting the “pristine” back in the station!

What’s on our graffiti-fighting toolkit?

  • Metal Shield: A 6-mil thick graffiti abatement and obscuring film
  • Easy Installation: Similar to traditional anti-graffiti film
  • Strong Adhesive: It sticks to the surface, but won’t give in to removal attempts
  • Past & Future Protection: Covers up existing damage and prevents future incidents
  • Quick & Easy: Available by the roll or in precut pieces with unique part numbers for easy replacement

Join us as we ride the Metro from Mariachi Station to the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station, making sure the transit facilities are fresh, graffiti-free, and safe for passengers. Because a clean environment makes the journey so much better!

Graffiti can be a nuisance, but with Graffiti Shield’s Metal Shield, we’re fighting back and keeping our stations looking their best. Let’s keep our urban spaces clean and pristine!

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Graffiti Shield at the Mariachi Station



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