Mass Transit Graffiti Protection

Why Mass Transit

Mass transit is growing at an astonishing rate in many highly populated cities across the globe. With the rise in population within these cities it’s likely the transit area and components are greatly utilized. With the growing rate of use comes a growing challenge of vandalism and graffiti. Trains, buses, elevators, stairways, and escalators have all become prime targets for aggressive vandalism, with a majority of their surface area comprised of glass and stainless steel. Damage commonly occurs through the use of a sharp object or acid etching.


  • Receives regular audits to ensure the facilities and utilities are maintained and graffiti free
  • Decreased revenue due to high amounts of vandalism in public view

  • Feeling of insecurity due to vandalism

  • Continuous vandalism to the surfaces within the transit area, such as
    • Trains
    • Buses
    • Bus Shelters
    • Transit Stations
    • Elevators
    • Stairways
    • Escalators
    • Maps and Kiosk
    • Tap Pass Validators
    • Door Release Handles


Vandalism within the mass transit area can leave a lasting impression.

Utilizing Graffiti-Shield to protect items from being vandalized keeps your property:

  • Looking New
  • Clean Environment
  • Protected
  • Safe Environment
  • Reduces further Vandalism

While enhancing an overall experience!

Here are a few studies of agencies that have adopted surface protection films to combat aggressive graffiti while attaining significant cost and time savings in comparison to replacement.

Commercial Case Studies