Metal & Mirror Protection

Spray paint, stickered slap tags, or the use of markers typically define traditional graffiti; most of which can be removed with power washing or through the use of chemicals. Although a building’s exterior or glass surfaces have historically been common targets, graffiti vandals have created new opportunities for destruction in elevators, bathroom stalls, on mirrors or fuel pumps, in train stations or other public transit surfaces. Since this type of graffiti is so difficult to combat, most business owners or transit authorities think refurbishment or replacement are the only solutions to combat this epidemic; both of which cause downtime for repair or replacement and exorbitantly high costs to do so.

New technologies to combat graffiti are here and continue to grow. The introduction of surface protection films for glass, stainless steel, mirrors, and other hard surfaces is a low-cost way to combat the growing issues. The idea is to obscure existing graffiti while protecting the surface from new graffiti penetrating the surface. Essentially a sacrificial removable film that is simply replaced when damaged.