Glass Shield Multi-Layer Film

Glass Shield Multi-Layer Film

Glass Shield Multi-Layer is a new approach to an old concept. Having a stack of sacrificial films that offer a onetime install, but provide quick and easy removal of multiple sheets when vandalized has been around for many years. Graffiti Shield has integrated “Craft Manufacturing” into the equation to make a Multi-Layer film completely innovative. Our most popular stack of films are traditionally 4 layers of 4mil clear removable polyester. However, if the need was to have less or more layers, thinner or thicker films, our approach is completely customizable. Examples are 2 layers of 4mil or 4 layers of 6mil. Our craft manufacturing approach allows for any combo of film to be made to meet specific standards and budget.

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Visit the Glass Shield Multi-Layer website to explore the different areas our multi-layer can help with graffiti and vandalism.


Multi-Layer Products

Our Multi-Layer system is a combination of different thickness of materials that are stacked to the amount of layers and overall thickness your needs may require. Then simply peel away graffiti one layer at a time as it gets damaged.

Industries & Applications

Multi-Layer is utilized across a multitude of industries and installed on a wide variety of surfaces to help combat graffiti vandalism.

How to Buy

Graffiti Shield products are sold by the roll or in pre-cut pieces. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about ordering our products!

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