Industries & Applications

Bathroom Mirrors

  • Employees must wash hands or special message
  • Promote a new product
  • Promote a message to patrons
  • Make a plain mirror more attractive.
  • Promote a new movie or best selling items

Restroom Stalls

  • Special messages to patrons
  • Promote a new attraction
  • Trivia or article about your company
  • Give your restroom a facelift with a theme


  • Showcase your logo or theme
  • Working or operating hours
  • Holiday promotions
  • New product release

Rolling Stock Windows

  • Special safety messages to patrons (watch your step, emergency exit, do not lean against door)
  • Handicap area
  • Schedule of routes
  • Map of your line or system
  • New line or addition
  • Closures

Printed Film Products

Graffiti Shield is offering in-house printing services to all of its anti-graffiti and surface protection films.

Industries & Applications

Printed Films can be utilized across a multitude of industries and installed on a wide variety of surfaces to help turn your anti-graffiti program into a marketing revenue stream.

How to Buy

Printing can be done in different opacities, colors, and photo quality. Download the Questionnaire and Precutting Take Off Sheet and send to for free no obligation quote. Or visit our Precut Submission Form and fill out the needed info and submit.