South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza

Difficult installs are no problem for Graffiti Shield.

South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA is the largest shopping center on the West Coast of the United States with approximately 24 million visitors annually.

As part of our partnership, Graffiti Shield is proud to serve as the ongoing provider of graffiti abatement film and professional installation throughout the property that includes 2.8 million square feet of retail store space.

In a recent install, our Certified Installers installed Mirror Shield anti-graffiti film on 15ft floor-to-ceiling mirrored pillars to cover existing damage and provide protection from future damage and wear-and-tear. Additionally, we installed full coverage of Glass Shield throughout the concourse elevators.

Graffiti Shield Benefits:

  • Invisible vandalism protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Protects against scratches, spray paint and acid etching
  • Cost-effective alternative to glass replacement
  • Available in 4 and 6 mil versions | 714-575-1100

  • Posted by Andrew Stark