Transit Graffiti Solutions

Mass transit is growing at an astonishing rate in many cities around the globe. As these new and existing systems come online, it is imperative to properly budget for the unforeseen challenges that may occur; challenges like vandalism and graffiti. Trains, elevators, stairways and escalators have all become prime targets for aggressive vandalism, with a majority of their surface area comprised of glass and stainless steel. Damage commonly occurs through the use of a sharp object or acid etching.

Many agencies budget for traditional vandalism, but not for the aggressive forms becoming more and more popular today. There are many new solutions to this growing trend, with the most innovative solution being removable surface protection films. These films can be clear for glass; or in a stainless steel, mirror or custom color finish to match a damaged substrate. The films hide graffiti damage and/or protect a vulnerable area from damage before it occurs. Should the surface be vandalized, the film is simply removed and replaced.

Here are a few studies of agencies that have adopted surface protection films to combat aggressive graffiti while attaining significant cost and time savings in comparison to replacement.

Transit Case Studies