Vandalized Mirrors Case Study

Vandalized Mirrors Case Study

More and more buildings are going to larger, more distinct, and better-looking mirrors in their restrooms. The cost is much higher, but the look is more appealing and professional.

Client Issue / Challenge

  • Rising costs for replacing mirror, and difficulty in removing and replacing the mirror
  • Vandalization of mirrors with a sharp object which is defacing the mirrors
  • Restroom appearance begins to feel degrading, giving the business the impression they don’t care and do not have a sanitary environment.


Utilizing the Mirror Tag Filler, the etching can be filled and smoothed very easily and seamlessly. Applying Mirror Shield afterwards over the mirror will then cover, and as a result, hide the damage by the tagging and the filler used to smooth out the etching. This is a simple and very affordable process that can save your business thousands.


Project Outcome

The mirror shown to the left would’ve cost $1600 to replace for just the mirror without installation costs.

Utilizing Graffiti Shield’s Tag Filler and Mirror Shield, the cost to repair rather than replace was just under $500 including labor, material and filler costs. This means no replacement was necessary and the Time to complete was quicker and more environmentally friendly.


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